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Blog update!

Fer those who don't have a Tumblr account, wayell, we got some new pictures up on the Ayask Blog. Weird! That strange doohickey does take pi'tcher's uv us withayout us know'n, an it posts 'em along with what we'd said. Creepy.

And who in tarnation is "Molestia?" Sounds awfully dangerous.

Weird that the doohickey is connected to the world in the middle'uv the desert.

- Aj.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
[Two collaborating deviantartists]

[These square brackets signify normal artist speech! So we're outta characer in these little square brackets. Otherwise, it's just insane roleplay, bahaha.]

We're postin' some sneak peeks, works in progress and other pieces here on our, uh, deviantART account. Check out our ask blog fer more stuff! That's where we answer them questions along this here journey of ours.

Ah do backgrounds, sketches of mahsayelf, an the shadin'. RD does all the vector works'n colouring as wayll as sketching hersayelf. It all works out between us!

Although there's still that teeny bit'a tension 'n friction between us.

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hey still alive? XD
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We still love your tumblr, we miss you both, and hope the whole "getting graduated," is coming along well!
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